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Song Thrush

(Turdus philomelos)

Standing tall with its gold, speckled breast, the song thrush is an impressive, solitary visitor to your feeding station.  

The song thrush has a melodious voice, similar to that of a blackbird, and uses patterns of music repeated in sets of two or three. It has an incredible ability to mimic human-made sounds such as car alarms, which can be very confusing! The species’ song has rapidly declined over the past century, with dwindling numbers making is a Red Listed bird. 

Although they are similar, the song thrush is smaller and more rounded than its cousin, the mistle thrush, with darker colouring and larger eyes. Song thrushes lay 4-5 sky-blue eggs with black spots and often have 2-4 broods per season, depending on the food supplies available at the time. 


Unsure whether you have song thrushes in your garden? Song thrushes often bash snails against a stone in order to crack their shells and reach the juicy creature inside. Keep a look out for empty snail shells on your garden path. Song thrushes also eat seed, worms, soft fruit and berries.


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