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(Carduelis spinus)

Siskins are a small but striking finch and an absolute delight to find on your bird feeder. They can be recognised by their bright yellow rump and sides, an olive green back and a forked tail. Males also have an attractive mossy green cap. It’s because of this lack of a hat that female siskins are commonly mistaken for greenfinches. However, greenfinches are much larger than the siskin, which is very similar in size to a blue tit. 

Often found in coniferous woodland, cold snaps and dwindling food supplies mean that siskins can be seen at garden feeders. Listen out for their inquisitive ‘teeloo, teeloo’ call which is similar to that of a canary. It’s because of their preferred tree-dense habitat that siskins can mainly be found in Wales and Scotland, although look out for them wherever you might live. 


Siskins eat a mixture of insects and seed. Finch beaks are specially designed for pincering seeds from tight casings. Because they live primarily in forests, they feed from pine, larch and alder trees.


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