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(Erithacus rubecula)

One of the nation’s favourites, the robin has long been seen as a gardener’s best friend. With its stunning red breast and perky-eyed stare, the robin is the perfect companion while you’re digging over your vegetable patch. In fact, British robins rarely fly more than a few miles from where they are born, meaning that a family of robins could make your garden their roost for many years!

Teapots, watering cans, plane engines – robins will build their nests anywhere. This versatile and quirky little bird has even been known to make itself at home in unmade beds. Yet another reason to cherish them.

Their incredible, fluty song can be extremely powerful and is used, along with their vibrant red breast, to settle territorial disputes. The louder and higher a robin sings, the more likely he is to stake his claim in the area. Robins will defend their homes at any costs and 10% of adult mortality is because of clashes over territory.


Robins are known for their love of freshly turned-over worms, meaning that mealworms are ideal for the robins in your back garden.


Our Robin Blend is a high-energy, deeply nutritious, year-round food. The blend is packed with sunflower hearts for energy, plus mealworms and rowan berries to create a delicious and wholesome meal that robins relish.