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Love Birds. Love Nature

Henry Bell is proud to present Wild Bird Food in 100% recyclable packaging.

Love Birds. Love Nature

Henry Bell Wild Bird Care - Chosen With Care Since 1825

At Henry Bell, we have blended tradition and expertise with innovation to create a Wild Bird Care collection that is a range of high-quality products that have been specifically designed to provide health and wellbeing to the wild birds in your garden.

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Henry Bell Wild Bird Care

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Henry Bell’s selection of High Energy Foods are an excellent source of energy and nutrition for wild birds. The range includes Fat Balls, Suet bites and a strong selection of Ready to Feed options. Fat based foods are often associated with winter feeding for wild birds but they are a brilliant source of energy and loved by birds all year round.

Did You Know

Our Products

Wild Bird Food

Wild Bird Food

Henry Bell has led the way in creating and developing wild bird mixes for more than 20 years. The ingredients we use are of the highest quality, many sourced locally from the UK.

Wild Bird Feeder

Wild Bird Feeder

The Henry Bell Wild Bird Feeder collection is a full range of products across all price points delivering innovative and stylish feeders that are all designed for wild bird wellbeing.



The Henry Bell Ready to Feed collection are a range of handing seed and suet shapes that are a convenient and nutritious method of feeding garden birds. Simply unwrap and hang from either a branch or feeding station.

High Quality Wild Bird Food

Highly Nutritious & Developed for Wild Bird Well Being

Wild Bird Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Chosen with care since 1825

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